Friday, March 2, 2012

I love Kovalam

There was just something about this beach that I just loved. Not only is it super clean, but it is mellow. There were few tourists and it attracts an older crowd ages 50 plus, which I love.  


Pulling the rope in for the fish with a big line of  fisherman on the beach

The German bakery with fresh juices and the best place for writing,

My taxi cab friend who drove me back to Trivandrum. We shared a nice dinner with very interesting conversation about life, Saudi Arabi, and addiction. At dinner, I noticed that he was anxious to leave and going back to the car-He went outside and asked me if it was okay if he smokes his cigarette-that cigarette is grass, which he  confided in me disclosing his problem with this substance. He says he has to have it in the morning and evening everyday otherwise he can not function and his thoughts are distracted.  We talk about his life with it and without it and I pull out my psych intervention tactics. 
It is unfortunate because he is such a great person that I really get along with(just friends need to make sure people understand my friendships with men-not romantic).  
As I am leaving his car and about to shut the door. He looks at me with such hope and says, "I am going to quit."

I wish that statement would be true for his benefit, but this friend of mine might just continue to battle the unfortunate disease called addiction.  My thoughts are with this nice friend of mine. I hope he is able to utilize his strenghs and potential rather than waste his time, money, and resources with this drug. 

FYI- Grass is commonly used in Southern India among young adults and even adults.  Grass comes from a flower, which can be found in the forests and hill stations. It is like a marijunana except it is stronger and more addicting.

More Highlights....

The life guard with the belly wearing the red and yellow lifeguard uniform- Oh India

The executive chef from the Leyla asking me to accompany him to lobster dinner

James on the beach
James was the man who rented out the beach chairs on the beach.  As I went boogie boarding for a couple hours through the water I asked him to watch my stuff as I had paid for the chair.  With his big smile and few teeth in his mouth, he says, "Ok, ok no problem."
My chair is right in front of the police tower so I am not that concerned about it being taken, but that is quite naive thinking i know.
Coming back from the beautiful water and waives that were amazing, I look for my chair and find my stuff sitting there untouched.  I look to see where James is and he is sitting on the chair passed out with his stomach hanging out of his shirt and hit cap over his face. 
When he wakes up, I stand in front of him and tap him on the head.  He quickly wakes up and says, "Hi, hi,".
I thank him for watching my stuff and joke with him about him sleeping and leaving my stuff unattended.  He just sits and laughs and we sit on the chair talking with each other.  Oh India!

Boogie boarding with some Russian girls through the waves,

Amazing chilly fish

The hott Kashmere boys at the store

The climb up the lighthouse

Running into the swami from Madurai
Eating at the local joint, I see a man on the phone standing outside of the restaurant.  He looks at me and signals me if he can come in.  He sort of looks familiar, but I can not quite recall from where I met him(this tends to happen with my poor memory).  He says he saw me at the Krishna temple in Trivandrum taking pictures(turns out we never formally met, but he just remembers my face.)
He is there in Kovalam teaching yoga and meditation.  He teaches yoga all over the world and he is stationed in Rishikesh(the beautiful spiritual place where I want to spend the end of my trip!)
Sitting and talking with him, I just feel the amazing spiritual energy radiating from him.  I take this as a sign to contact him and work with him in Rishikesh.  Hope to meet this wonderful man soon up North!

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