Friday, March 2, 2012

Not so Innocent After All

Malik selling the pineapples and coconuts
I met Malik on the bus on the way to Kovallam.  Immediately, I gravitate towards his smile and kind face.  He is about 50 or so years old and has a small body frame with cute, Indian feet.   He has three small children and lives in the village with his wife. We get off the bus together and have some idaly, samba, and chai. I tell him I will meet him later to buy a coconut and some pineapple (little did I know he sold the best pineapple in town-amazing). I was not able to make it to that side that day, but I made sure to keep my promise and go meet him the next day. 

The next day, I met his wife and sat at his stand trying to get him business by waiving at the large groups of mena arriving off the tour buses.  The lady across did not like this one bit, but a little competition does not hurt anyone lady and I was trying to help out my friend.  Malik was quickly going through coconuts, mango, and he even ran out of pineapple! After I helped him get some steady business, I walked off the beach with many following behind me secretly taking pictures. When people asked for a photo, I asked them for 20 rupees per photo and this helped decrease the amount of requests. 

Malik-selling the coconuts was my favorite person until the afternoon move.

We have some lunch and I tell him that I am leaving tomorrow. Expecting to say Goodbye with a handshake and a big smile. He whispers quietly, “Can you give me a kiss? I am completely shocked and his next statement becomes more shocking. “How about you come to my hut in about an hour, I have 500 rupees.” I tell him “No” and he says, “Come on, please.” My innocent little man just turned into a complete pervert. I was disappointed with my nice Coconut man being just another perverted man, but when I say "No." He apologizes and says, "Okay I am sorry for asking."
"I wish you a happy journey in Kerala and please do come back and visit."

Oh my sweet Kerala- you are nice to men and they take it completely the wrong way sometimes. I hope he focuses on selling coconuts rather than juggling with some ha!

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