Friday, March 2, 2012

The Next Day In Varkala,

After an amazing butterfish and sharing some wine on the beach and a peaceful sleep waking up with the sound of the waves crashing, I hear a loud knock on my door.   At 8am,  I open it up to see my friend standing there all freshened up and ready to go.  He looks exhausted and I ask him, "What happened?" You look like you did not sleep.  He says, "I did not sleep at all, I was up thinking about you." I laugh and think he is stupid, but then also think it is kind of sweet.  

We share some masala dosa and black tea on the beach.  I then hop on his motor bike and we head through the villages, near the lake and beach, and we make a stop at the cliff walk to have some fresh juice.  He says he has a bit of work to do so we agree to catch up in a couple hours, which is perfect because I want my alone time.  I stop into shops talking to the locals and making jokes-the Priscilla usual. 
Varkhala is similar to Kovalam offering yoga, massages, meditation except a younger crowd and lots of people chilling listening to Bob Marley.  I like it a lot, but still like my Kovalam better. 

After lunch with my friend, I tell him I want to go swimming and he stays behind.  I still kind of like him, but am acting like a ten year old just flirting a bit, but keeping my distance. 
I run off into the water and am enjoying the waves when I hear a loud whistle blowing from afar.  This chunk of love-life guard- is shouting at me to stay away from the rocks and move towards the middle.  He signals me to get out of the water.  I am annoyed that I have to get out of the water just to hear him ask me where are you from?  When I respond with "America", he says "Okay you stay in the middle where it is safe." Again, take care of the American girl because if something happens we are in trouble ha!
I am enjoying my swimming and my chunk of love continues to blow the whistle because I am not close enough to the line.  I begin to just ignore him and then talk with him after.  He is very sweet and I appreciate his caring.  He says he wants to take me fishing the next day, but I politefully decline.  Oh these lifeguards in India are comical!

My friend tells me that there is an elephant festival in town and I get super excited.  He says it is more like a fight between men to demonstrate their power and pride for their culture. We head to the festival and I see my beautiful elephants all dressed up in jewels.  And then I see what I have never seen in my life. 

Large groups of men all carrying up a statue with two pieces of wood, they are struggling to keep it balanced in air, they are shouting, screaming, and dancing.  Like a fool, I am running around with them placed right in the center to be in the middle of the action.  My friend is watching over me, but some of the men are shouting at me to get out of there, but of course I do not listen and just keep following.  It is so exciting going around in large circle watching all these men struggle to keep this statue up in the air.  At times, it tilts over and I run off into the crowd to avoid getting hit by it. 
After about 15 minutes, they let it fall down to the ground.  They are shouting in Malayalam and hugging one another.  After this there is dancing and musical instruments- a big celebration for their accomplishment. (I apologize for not knowing the name of this festival, but lets just name it another one of India's amazing festivals!

We race on the motor bike quickly back to his hotel because it is about to pour.  Right before it rains, we sit on the beach and just stare at the stars.  I sit laying in his arms and feel quite content, which is unusual because I seem to not really like anyone for a long time now.  We have another amazing fish dinner.  This was white salmon in special Kerala spices.  We sit under our umbrella and enjoy each other's company.  It was quite special and at the end of the night, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and we said "good night." What a perfect gentleman and what a nice day in Varkala.  He was not happy about it, but I was leaving tomorrow morning.  He wanted me to stay in Varkhala with him for one day, two day, or perhaps forever, but Priscilla keeps on moving and cherishes the memories.  Peace Varkala!

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