Thursday, March 1, 2012

Touched by An Angel

Saturday, February 04, 2012
After a beautiful sleep, I went off to the organic store to enjoy some breakfast.  I sat outside with all the fellow devotees enjoying some tea and date and fruit cake.  Here I sat observing the ashram devotees and I met Peter and Bernard.  Peter is from England and has been to India at various ashrams a handful of times.  He calls Tirvunalmallai “a spiritual circus”, which I find to be an interesting choice of words.

From our tea time, I proceed to walk down the road heading back to the Holy Mountain.  My plan is to climb to the peak and meet with my spiritual guru for another pooja.  I decide to stop at the travel shop and ask about the bus going to Ramishwaram and they have very little information, which confirms why I do not go into tour agencies.  I leave the store and sitting on a motor bike in front is a young boy who asks me if I found the information I had been looking for.  I proceeded to tell him about my plans and where I needed to go.  He seemed amused by my sarcasm and joking about how to obtain travel information in India.  He was from Kashmere, a place my Mom told me I should definitely visit.  He invited me inside his store to have some tea-it felt like Istanbul and actually the Kashmere guys remind me of the Turkish a bit. 

He sat and showed me pictures of his hometown and invited me to come there with him.  He was just shy of 24 years old with a cute face and a kind smile.  As he spoke, I felt my spirit inside tingling and felt connected to this positive energy that was radiating off him.  I suddenly felt chills through my body as he was speaking about his family and the beauty of Kashmere. He told me to not go up to the mountain by myself because a woman was raped up there two years ago.  I tell him I am going with a friend so he does not worry.  He speaks so softly and purely.  Before I leave the store, he says the sweetest little mantra that ends with , “After you climb the mountain, make sure to take a shower to ensure you feel like a flower.”

Something about this boy was special and sitting with his pure and loving spirit made me feel touched by an angel.

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