Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Peak of the Holy Mountain

Going to the top of the holy mountain, the trail was a bit confusing and it was so hot that I questioned my sanity for doing hikes like this in midday.  Everyone advises you to go in the morning and I head there midday in the middle of heat.  It was worth the long trek because I made it to the top to meet some sweet ladies from Russia and Pera (an incredible girl from France).  Along with them was an adorable yogi who lived on the mountain top.  He saw I had a cut on my leg and asked what happened. I explained it was from falling off the government bus.  The Russian girl takes out a band aid and here in this cave on the top of the holy mountain, this yogi bandages up my leg-a blessing if you ask me.  
Pera and I head down the mountain together and talk about our common independent lives, our past loves, passion for traveling, tuning out the haters, and building a relationship with yourself.  This girls is truly amazing.  She has been traveling for 5 years learning varieties of trades anywhere from baking bread, to making crafts, to teaching English and she almost always stays in villages away from the tourists and crowds.  She is so happy with life and says she is never bored.  She left a relationship she had going in Paris, but fell into another one with another French guy along the road.  She tells me to go to Istanbul to follow my love, but I tell her this goes against what we believe......

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