Friday, March 2, 2012

The Shivatri Festival

The best place to be for Shavatri is in the North, but I was in Goa so I still wanted to find where the locals were celebrating.   Ended up at the temple on the water with a huge cue of locals waiting for pooja. Normally, I would wait in line and perform the pooja, but this line was enormous so I decided to sit out on this one.   

What is Shivatri?

Shivati symbolizes the divine incarnation of God Shiva on this earth.  The night indicates moral degradation that sets in due to the darkness and ignorance in this world.  Shiva is the Ocean of Knowledge who leads humankind from darkness to light by imparting true knowledge. 

Shiva Jayanti is thus celebrated to commemorate the reincarnation of Incorporeal supreme soul shiva.  He alone is the liberator and guide to all souls and is the bestower of happiness and fruition. 

Shivatri is the 76th annual commemoration of the divine birth of God.  The supreme father invites you.. He wishes you Purity, peace and happiness. 

                                         -From Shiva temple Pamphlet-

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