Friday, March 2, 2012

The People That Made Goa Worth It

George- right near my host’s house was a local guy sitting on motor bike and the rest is history.  We went to Spaghetti beach to watch the sunset, he took me to the temple for Shavatri festival, we went to the Russian beach and walked admiring sea shells and climbing up trees.
Noel-Noel is someone I met at Storm festival and reunited with in Goa. He is a total free spirit, can dance to any beat, smiles like sunshine, and is a wise mind.  We went to the Hilltop party together, which was a bunch of trance music I do not like, but I wanted to see him.  After we went to Fusion for a great dinner and even better conversation.  Unfortunately, fate did not bring us together again, but so thankful for our time together.  Wish I had more time to learn from him, enjoy some local food, and dance!

Solomon- S.S.S. Solomon was a Indian-American guy who gave me a ride to the Arabol beach.  We immediately hit if off with our common roots. He has the funniest accent of Florida with New York and a dash of Indian.  He is an artist who dreams of opening up a café/gallery/clothing shop one day.  Not being able to get a hold of my friend Noel, we ended up chilling at the 21 coconuts chatting the afternoon away.  I went for a swim in the germ infested waters where I was approached by a Russian man who asks, “Do you want to enjoy?” I get out of the water quickly and feel the water sticking to me.  Solomon says he never goes into the waters in front of the restaurants and I start to squirm worrying about catching something.  I never go into beach waters unless they are crystal clear, but it was so hot outside and I decided to just have fun and let go of germaphobe Priscilla. 

Solomon just makes me smile and laugh with his funny comments about people and things.  He invites me to a lovely, lovely party with his Russian friends.  I meet Olga- an adorable Russian girl, Viki, the adorable couple from England, Jacquelin(who reminds me of my Turkish friend Ayshe), and my favorite person of all Johnny.  Johnny is from England and he is high on life literally and not so literally-ha! He spoke of his recent love affair and was reading me his amazing love poetry that he had memorized and his creative stories.  He had that England sense of humor that I just adored.  He had a hash cookie before he came and had to leave because it was making him too high lol

The fresh butterfish and potatoes and chocolate cheesecake for dessert was awesome.  The whole party was a perfect ending to my Goa trip and actually it made my trip worth while meeting such nice people. Such a doll Solomon really Thankful to meet him=) So appreciative of what he has, aware of what he could have, and happy with living the simple life.  I can see why he has many friends-good people with hearts always have a lot of friends. 

The German Bakery-The German bakery is not a person, but I would like to thank them for hot, fresh chocolate croissants and amazing coffee in the morning.  My body does not say thank you, but my taste buds do ha!

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