Friday, March 2, 2012

Adamali Waterfalls and the best national park ever

My host took the day off work so we could go venture off the waterfalls.  It was between the eco tourist village and the waterfalls-so I chose the waterfalls.Off on the motor bike we went over 60 kilometers out of Cochin.  We are flying down the streets and come to a main city with kid and adults marching-it is a parde against drugs and alcohol.  Here I sit on the bike cheering and giving high fives to kids off the bikes.  We go to watch the whole thing as we trailed along through the traffic.  It was so nice to see these kids and teachers off in the middle of the day extreme heat parading around against drugs and alcohol.  I really just love it. 

The waterfalls far exceeded my expectations and the national park was the cleanest and nicest I have seen with cute little reminder signs about speed and spiritual messages. At the main Adamali waterall, I met a nice family from Oman. Her young boys were swimming through the waters with their father.  She tells me to come visit Oman on my next trip. I tell her I definitely want to visit the Middle east one day soon.  Before parting ways, she places her little one in my arms to take a photo with him.  He kisses my hand and it is so cute. 

The Cheeyappara waterfall had no water and the Valara Waterfall was my favorite waterfall, which was located in the national park.  It was located near a local village with little streams and trees. The whole thing was just amazing and I would definitely revisit Kerala's national parks after this experience and the motor ride back was even harder, better, faster, stronger=)

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