Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Special Coconuts

Who would have known the coconut would such an Indian staple? Let me rephrase and say I did not know that the coconut was used so commonly.  From using it for poojas, drinking coconut water, and the use of coconut in cooking chutneys and curries, and desserts-it is used daily by Indians
Many Indian families have coconut trees in their backyards and they hire a laborer to go up and take down the coconuts a couple times a week.  I consume coconut in a water form or in food on a daily basis.  I love the smaller coconuts that you can break on the ground.  At the beach yesterday, I cracked a coconut and then poured the water into my mouth while the waves were crashing into me on the beach.  What a beautiful moment.  The best is breaking the coconut for poojas for the Gods above.  PRIS loves coconut!

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