Friday, March 2, 2012

Off to the Captain's House

After an extra ten minutes, we get to what I think is finally his home and it turns out that his home is still a long walk away. It is quiet and I just hear frogs and crickets. I roll up my pants because there is a lot of mud. I am walking what feels like miles through a very thin path with water to my right. It is dark so I can not see what is around me, but I just hear sounds and occassionally see people walking towards me.  I cross over a wooden bridge that is so fragile I am afraid I will break it with all my weight.   After what felt like a mile walk, we arrive at his village home. He has me put my bag down and show me my room. It has some ammentities such as a full kitchen, running water, a computer, and a flatscreen TV, but it is not in the best condition.  There are lizards and frogs climbing all over the inside of the house.  I am used to the lizards, but not the frogs.  The captain shews off the frogs with a broom and makes sure to keep them outside.  He sees the worry in my face when I look at them hanging around.  I would prefer frogs and lizards over mosquitoes anyday I think-as long as frogs and lizards to do not bite. 
From the walk over, I must have got some tar on my pants.  We try and put some kerosene and then he says I can wash them in the washing machine.  The washine machine is special.  After each wash, you have to deposit and drain the water with a pump.  He is so proud that he has a washing machine and it is so entertaining watching him put the water in and out-again he is very comical and he likes to just sit and watch over me to see what I do.  

If I would have known that it was a special washing machine I would not have washed so many things.  I had to do my favorite part, which was to individually rinse out and hang each item.  The captain just sat watching me and smiling. 

After my hardwork, I was ready for some fish curry.  The captain keeps putting more fish and sides on my plate and I sit and enjoy watching him eat.  He makes the funniest sound when he mixes his rice and makes it into a ball.  He is the human rice ball maker ha! 
After dinner, the captain wants to see pictures of my mom.  I show him pictures and he says, "Mommy, nice." I also show him my graduation pictures and we sit and laugh.  I wish these moments were real and I felt such closeness to my own family as I do with the village families. 

Good night we say to one another awaiting for the comedy that will come my way the next day. 

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