Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stop Smoking!

I have built a very low tolerance to smoking lately and this is a problem because everyone smokes in Egypt.  My friends I went to North coast with-lighting up every minute, a French cafe and many of the Egyptian tea and shisha cafes(smoking), the cab driver(smoking), the bathroom attendant(smoking).  Everywhere in Egypt you can pretty much smoke inside. I feel like I am in Paris trapped in smoke filled cafes where I just want to put a gas mask on. 

Many are probably reading this post thinking, "Well Priscilla, you are a hypocrite because you used to smoke." Yes, I used to smoke and have had my fair share of cigarettes, but now I am completely turned off by smoking.  When I smell it, I turn the other away or cover my face with a scarf.  My chest can not even handle second hand smoke. If I sit near a smoker, I can feel it in my chest. I am convinced I have a chest problem due to smoking, but this has not been proven by any physician yet.
When they write on the package, "Smoking kills." They really mean it people. As I get older, I think more and more about my body and health and the input into the body.

While I have my personal opinions about smoking, I try to keep them to myself and let people around me smoke their lungs away.   If they ask why I am not smoking, I will be honest and share my reason for not smoking.  But in general, I do not like people commenting on my habits so I choose not to comment on theirs.  If people want to chain smoke constantly-it is their life and lungs, but my life I want to live to the fullest so this dirty habit has been kicked to the curb.

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