Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lets Do Business Together

Meeting many people with businesses: travel agencies, restaurants, hotels/guesthouses, craft shops, clothing stores, etc.-there is interest in the business opportunity in America. 
One can only make so much money running a business in Nepal so they think why not branch out to the US. The people who discuss their interest in the US are serious about me(the American) being their business partner and in reality-their connection to America.  While I admire their career goals, I do not have interest in being in the hotel management/restaurant industry.  I was working in restaurants on and off for ten years and I know that being an owner is just as time consuming.  I am finished working in restaurants and nightclubs-those days are gone.

While my local friends tell me about foreigners who have opened up businesses and been successful-I still have no interest.  It is not my dream or purpose-it is theirs.  I appreciate my Nepali friends for their hard work and career goals, but unfortunately Priscilla is not going to be everyones way to the US. 
And honestly I will not lead my friends to the US for the "financial gain." Money just brings unhappiness so keep living your simple lives and stay happy Nepali friends!

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