Friday, May 18, 2012

Islam Egyptians and Israel

Islam is an eminent, grand and growing religion. Having conversations with my host family, they are so proud of their religion and share with me stories of Christians or affluent people who have converted to Islam.

While they are very proud of their religion, they do not try to disguise their hatred for Israel. When Hedy and Reena speak of Israel, it is interesting to see their body language completely shift, their eye brows raise up, they gain some color in their face, and the hate and disappointment comes seeping through their pores.  While they say their anger is directed towards the government and not the civilians, it does not appear that way when they speak of Israel.  It appears that they have very strong resentment towards Israel for the happenings during the Suez war and prior events. They call the Israeli's corrupt” and “very bad” people and they shake their head with such a strong head motion.

If you say Israel to any Muslim, this is most likely the response you will get-the response of hatred and disgust. It makes me curious to think about how hatred begins and when it ends. Is it healthy for civilians of neighboring countries to have such hatred and resentment towards one another? Of course it is not healthy for anyone to promote such negativity and bad feelings.  Hatred is like the cycle of violence that will keep on going until civilians deal with this hatred face on and realize that these people of the other culture are not much different than them.  They are feeling such unnecessary hatred that only brings suffering towards both parties.

Of course, there is no easy answer between the years of conflict and it is a deeper problem than what lies at the surface. Political and religious experts would have more information on this hatred between the two countries, but I just do not like seeing hatred stare me in the face.  My host mom and her two daughters are so kind and loving, but when it comes to Israel-they look with stone cold faces with piercing devil eyes-it is actually a bit discomforting. Egyptian and Israelis-a conflict for too long-Why can't you just work it out?

With Islam religion here are some points we touched on:

The Suez war and Taking over of Pakistan

Zionism(coming back to this in A LOT more depth)

Not confessing to the priest, but confessions to God, why does a priest get such credibility in Christian religion?

Divorce is with major differences is acceptable for Islam

Christianity-Man focused no his wants and needs vs. Allah as one ruling your life

Prophet Mohammed-imperfect and committed sin, but taught lessons to his pupils

Scientifics and Islams- The cracked moon

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