Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One Week Expiration

The plan was for Mokesh and I to motor bike to Kathmandu, but he had to stick around for his business so it was up for me to take the bus.  Leaving Pokhara and saying bye to my favorite person, Ramjee, definitely not easy. He actually had two more weddings to go to, but I still made the decision to leave.  He thought I would stay longer and so did I, but it I reached my 1 week expiration date.....
It seems that the maximum time I stay in a city(not a country) is one week.  It seems I have become adjusted to just a temporary stay and then I hop on the bus to see what the next city is all about.  This is exciting and this is what traveling is about-exploring, but this is not good for real life.  Real life requires committment, proper time management skills, responsibility, and a schedule.  It seems I am consumed in a traveling lifestyle and I am not quite sure this is beneficial to me. Being idol for too much time is never good for anyone.

But in my defense, I really want my routine back and I crave structure and organization.  The adventurous side wants to keep going and the responsible, driven side wants the routine. 

We will see when I get things together, but for the time being I will focus on my reading, reading, writing, and writing.  I have created my own travel schooling and homework ha! Once a nerd, always a nerd...

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