Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Priscilla Arrives at the Hott Springs

Before coming to Tatophani, I thought about my previous visits to hot springs, especially the hot springs in Costa Rica.  These hot springs were sitting inside a five star hotel and I recall there being a few different pools outdoors with waterfalls inside each one.  Also, I visited hot springs in California and those were quite nice too. 
Walking down in the hott springs of Nepal, I did not see any tourists rather I just saw a few guys bathing.  The “hott spring” inside a cage area with dirty walls and next to it were rooms with bath tubs. My local friends said, “You can go inside.” Making the facial expression of a complete snob,I say, “No, no there will not be any hot springs for me.” My local friend picked up the HOSE and told me to feel the hot water.  “Look see hot springs.”

Oh Nepal, Oh Nepal…

Enjoying the nice garden area and the rapid waters was nice, but the hot springs were not for Priscilla. Off I went to the border, “The Friendship Bridge” with one side being Nepal and the other being China.  I am not sure why it is called Friendship because the Chinese were not friendly AT ALL.  They looked like they wanted to throw me off the bridge not welcoming me onto their bridge. My friend already told me to not take pictures so I followed his instruction.  A tourist around my age did not follow instruction and he was shouted at, "No photo, not photo" by a Chinese boy with the look of terror in his eyes.  Yikes I thought, no China for me-they are scarey.

Trekking to Lo Pin Monastery and lunch chit chatting with Raj-a fellow Indian living in Tatopani.  The clouds are coming in and it appears to be rain AGAIN.  I find a local guesthouse to stay in for the night. Mount Kalaish guesthouse-exactly what I imagined for my guesthouse.  An immaculate guesthouse with white pillows and white sheets that smell clean like bleach, a nice outdoor patio that overlooks the Bhote Kosi river, and a nice owner with a friendly puppy named "Puppy." 
Ahhh the rain came down and I just sat watching the rain fall, the sound of the river came right through to my room and I could hear it before bedtime and waking up from sleep. 
Many people stay in Kodari before they start trekking to Mount Kalaish in Tibet, but I just enjoyed my Nepalese Thali, Bollywood movie, staring at the river, and chit chat with my owner friend Tenzing. 

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