Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And there HE was...

I was the last person standing at the Valley of the Kings. The tour groups headed out early and rushed through, as I previously mentioned and it was just me. They were trying to shut down a half and hour early, but I had one more tomb to see so they opened it up and the nice man gave me another quick tour.  When up the steep white, wooden steps and walked out, there he was....

In a fresh, white Gharieb, black dark curly hair, dark facial hair, a white smile, tan complexion sitting on his motor bike.  I was so rushed coming in that I did not even recognize how good looking he was until I came out of the temple and saw him.  One of those moments of "Ahhhh"  He owned the shop near the entrance and he offered to hold my backpack while I went into sight see.  He also gave me a water and said, "Don't worry about your bag, just enjoy."

By bike, we drove back to the main central area where we stopped for some water and sesame sticks.  I met his other friends who all live in the same area.  His friend, Thomas, is actually Indian and Egyptian so it sparked up some nice conversation between us. They invited me over to their flat to have some tea and I accepted.  Mamoun(hott one) wanted to invite me over to meet his family.  We sat and had tea and I occasionally glanced at him in a nervous, girl manner playing with my hair and my eyes not looking at him.  I just could not help, but stare at his body-it was flawless. 

Next door, we went to his flat where he introduced me to his mother, sister, her husband, another sister and husband, and his three brothers.  In total, he has seven brothers and two sisters(big, big family).  It is a huge flat with many different rooms, floors, and basically one building of his whole family.  He has his own space that he recently renovated and he wanted my opinion on his place. I am sure that is not the only opinion he wanted ha! 

As he walks, I continue to check him out. His white Gharieb is see through and you can see his boxers.  When I make fun of him for wearing a see through Gharieb and say that it is "risque" and call him a "radical Muslim" he says his good ones are all at the dry cleaners so I got lucky being able to cetch him on  a "see through" day ha!

Luxor is not like Cairo or Alexandria where people dress so casually.  The men are all wearing traditional, long flowing Ghariebs and some have their heads covered.  The men are dressed quite nicely. 

He takes me up to his flat where I arrive in a palace with artistic drawings painted onto the wall, royal chairs, plasma tvs, and the room built for a king.  He has some great taste and I was quite impressed. He asks me what I want to eat and I tell him, "Tuna and salad." We sit and watch some bollywood cinema and his brother brings up on a silver tray, tuna, fresh cucumber/tomato salad, and fresh wheat pita(exactly what I wanted).  It feels like heaven.  He introduces me to his brother who is special needs and was burnt in a fire leaving his skin burnt on over 70 percent of his body.  I nicely introduce myself and smile big at him-this poor boy I think to myself.   Mamoun is so sweet to him and even sweeter to me.  He says it would be nice if I could stay with him in his flat and with his family.  I just keep looking at him in confusion thinking of timing. My whole trip I did not meet any Egyptians and the one that is perfectly my type I am leaving from in 2 days.  Oh the timing, oh the timing. 

Not to mention, he is very good looking so who knows what the truth of his love life is.  As most Muslims, he says it is tough being in Egypt because women are so conservative and do not go out with you.  I joke that he must love his job picking up the tourists at his shop.  He does not agree with my response and says he is kind to everyone regardless of being male or female. "This is the Egyptian way." He seems genuine and I believe his words or maybe I just want to be naive and believe in his words- the false promises theory(made by me). 
Sitting next to him, I begin to get nervous again and my heart is beating faster. He tries to kiss me and I pull away.  He says, "Okay fine I will not try again." He appears a bit disappointed and I can not understand my behavior.  I am extremely attracted to him, but I just act like a little girl instead of acting on how I feel. Over the years, this decrease in physical contact is really starting to grow on me.  I feel like I should not engage in anything with anyone-not even just a kiss-how ridiculous.  We continue just talking and I lean in on his shoulder.  We  get closer and hug one another where I place my hands on his arms and back.  I feel his stomach against mine and it is like steel.  He showed me his eight pack and I to get up and walk away because I had to cetch my breath ha! What a shy, little girl.  I ended up telling him, "I am sorry, I have to go."

I just had to remove myself from the situation in fear that something would happen, which would ruin my vow and I was not ready to do that.  I said, "Salamu alekom" and his  family looked disappointed with my leaving just like Mamoun.  I hopped on the back of his brothers bike and sat and stared Mamoun in the eyes thinking I really should stay.  He looked at me like he was confused with me leaving, but he did not verbalize it.  I rode off with his brother to head to the ferry.  Instead of getting on the boat, I just sat with my local fruit stand friends talking and eating some honey dew.  I really did not want to leave this guy and I wanted to stay, but I made a good decision and I went on the boat over to the train station. 

One day in Luxor-not enough, but I followed my intuition, which told me to leave Luxor-good job Priscilla!

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