Friday, May 18, 2012

Kissy, Kissy, Kissy

In Egypt, the men love to call at you like a cat or dog and make this "Pss" sound. If it was something that happened occasionally, I would understand, but it happens all the time with Egyptian women and foreigners(but most people think I am Egyptian so it is happening a lot with Egyptians).

Walking around veiled with my head covered, legs covered, arms covered-you would think that this would not attract attention, but the calls keep coming. At first I was annoyed, but now I just completely ignore it and I treat it with a dose of laughter.  If on the bus, I will make a "kissy" face back at them and they start laughing.  I try not to instigate, but it is fun to mess with them sometimes.

Along with the kissing comes the following.  I am definitely used to my fair share of weirdos so it is nothing new to me.  Instead of feeling "fear", I just feel annoyed and sad for them being so pathetic.  It is actually annoying to me that I have to turn my head around frequently to make sure they are not following-this takes time out away from me.  There was a couple persistent ones in Cairo-one especially who followed me back and forth across the street.  I thought crossing to the other busy side would make him go away, but I went back and forth THREE times with him following-absolutely ridiculous.  This was when I after my run so I felt strong and  started pulling out some karate kicks to scare him away-Full power Punjabi-hahaha. He eventually went away and they usually do so I am not worried, but again just annoyed. 

With my running and trekking, I have become pretty strong and I put up a tough image when I see someone staring or following. It is not a big deal as I know how to cope with these stupid men-I can take care of myself.  The people I really feel bad for are the sweet, nice, passive, Egyptian local women who have to deal with this all the time.  My friend who is veiled says the women wear the veils for "the strange men that are outside."  There are plenty of strange men and desperate men outside-she is right.  Many times I just say to myself, "Come on- really?" It is so stupid and ridiculous and I have no idea what they are saying because they just speak Arabic and think I am Egyptian. I am quite relieved that I do not know what kinds of gross, perverse things they are saying.  Seeing guys touch themselves ouside their pants and walking past a guy in a truck with his private parts fully out of his pants-the vulgar behavior is enough.   When I saw this boy, i turned around with my hand over my mouth like I just saw a collision.  Seriously, it came out of nowhere and that is disgusting-keep that away! His facial expression and his private parts something I would not want any woman seeing.
Attention Egyptian men: Your desperate looks and comments are pathetic-really get a life.  And please keep your pants on! No women wants to see that walking down a street at 12:00 noon. You spoil a ladies lunch and you spoiled my Greek salad! ha

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