Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And Yeahhh Your Bag is On Fire

Since I was enjoying my guesthouse soo much, I ended up missing the last bus out to Kathmandu.  I wanted to head back to Kathmandu for my next couple days spent in Bhaktapur before going off to my next staying another night was not really an option for me. 

It was around 6pm and I met another local guy named R.P who was also heading to Kathmandu.  I could immediately tell he had a kind soul and heart.  He showed me his Nepal brochure indicating he was a religious figure in Nepal(he immediately gained my trust for our 3.5 hour ride back  to Nepal.  Blasting my IPOD and passing along the river staring at the moon, which kept following me ha. There was a warm breeze in the air that felt so good, but this quickly changed about an hour into the ride.

It became cold so cold and I left my full backpack in Kathmandu leaving me with arms inside a pair of my bright orange leggings and my scarf wrapped around my head.  All I had was my one strap elephant bag sitting on my right side hanging over the bike. 
Sitting on the bike, I felt the bag getting hot and lifted it up a few times.  I really did not want to carry it on my lap the whole time and RP's backpack was in front of me so there was limited space.  I just let it sit on the side of the bike near the exhaust. 

Arriving in Kathmandu, I realized that the right side of my bag had melted and burned a hole in my bag, which burned a hole in my clothing giving my nice pants I love a charred look.  I shake my head. "Oh Priscilla just sitting on the bike and does not even realize her bag is on fire." I knew the bag was getting hot and I continued to let it sit on the exhaust and basically burn.  Oh Priscilla, Oh Priscilla.
No sex on fire, but Yeaaah Your Bag is on Fire  hahaha

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