Thursday, May 10, 2012

Egyptian Museum

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Egyptian Museum
Fascinating, but a bit overwhelming with so many different pieces.  "It houses the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities, and many treasures of King Tutankhamen"(Wikipedia).
I read if you spent one minute with each piece it would take nine months to visit the whole museum. 
Also,the Egyptian Museum is next to Tahrir Square and it is reported that the museum was broken into during the Egyptian Revolution(2011) and two mummies were stolen. 

It was interesting reading about the Old, Middle, and New Kingdom- I had a flashback of my school days where I had made flash cards for each Old, middle, and new for a history exam. Oh the Nerd days-I love school.
Some of my interests...
The Cairo Dahshar Boats-transportation for the afterlife
Lions/lionesses-symbols of strength, protection, and Resurrection
Vulture headdress-traditional head covering for an Egyptian Queen
the hand movements of the women, the detail of the carvings, my favorite-the mummified Pharahos
The Gold Mask of Tutankhamun
the Graeco Roman sculptures
The Animal mummies 1.)Pets Buried by owners 2.) Food mummies that would provide sustenance 3.) Sacred Animals 4.) Votive offerings   

My highlight was also the two Indian tour groups from Kerala. I just kept following them around staring at them and smiling.  They would waive a smile back.  An older man trailing behind at the end of the group would wait for me and just sit and smile.  His wife eventually grabbed his hand and brought him to the beginning of the group(just like a mother would with a child-so cute).  I almost started crying because even though the Indians are inefficient and it would get to me-they always made up for it with their heart. Truly they have beautiful hearts and they just melt mine- Oh India, Oh my India.

Things that Disappointed me were:
No audio guide(I loooove Audio guides, especially in massive museums)
This forces you to get a guide and the guides cost 5 times the price of admission and they only take you around for one hour?
Lack of lighting. How is one suppose to look at the extremely detailed carvings with no light. I found myself constantly squinting and not able to see

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