Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bangkok and Cairo Linked

It seems I have a similar experience in Bangkok and Cairo
Arriving in Bangkok was not a good time for tourists due to the flood. Many tourist attractions were empty, buses canceled, businesses closing early, evacuating of buildings, etc.

While there is not a natural disaster in Cairo-there are elections.  There were also elections in GOA, which is the last place you want elections to be.  Everything shuts down at 10pm and the city becomes completely lame defeating the purpose of visiting and exploring Goa. 

But one can not compare Goa with Cairo as Cairo has had a tremendous change in the past year with the revolution.  Since the revolution in February 2011, Cairo has not had a president and the next ten days for Cairo are crucial.  There is much possibility for conflict between parties and protesters in Tahrir square. 
Everyone says that it really is not the time for tourism in Cairo.  Everyone is living and breathing elections- their awaited fate of their lives in Cairo, which may just be for the next twenty to thirty years.  The first president everyone hated went for thirty years-could you imagine? George Bush went for ten years(give or take) and this was considered a long time for Americans who wanted him replaced.  It is hard to imagine thirty years of complete corruption and basically little influence on the outcome of re-elections. I will be posting more on the outcomes of the politics at later times.    

Enjoying my time in Cairo it is time to move on to the next destination where I am just taking it easy.  This means I am breaking on sightseeing. I have developed a new way of thinking called, "Leave it for later." This means that if I skip major sightseeing areas, I can come back at another time or when I am older. Luxor and Aswan are major monument cities with a lot of history. I have decided to skip both these cities and come back to them at another time. Traveling for almost seven months, I am running on low fuel.  I just do not have the enthusiasm and 100 percent effort into my usual learning about the history therefore I want to save it.  While I like to "carpe diem" it is also okay to "make a memory another time."  

Even though, it is not the best time for Egypt I am going to make the most of my trip while taking my time visiting a few cities rather than trying to conquer Egypt-this is not what traveling is about. 

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