Sunday, May 13, 2012

Food and Clothes You can Never Go Wrong

My Egyptian friend says, "You can never go wrong having a clothing business or food store." This is definitely a true statement.  Egyptians like to eat and they also like to dress very well. 
The food is like heaven in Egypt(like Turkey) fresh fruits/dried fruits, amazing meats(not that I can eat them), date milk(love this and love the yogurt), fish, baklava's, all types of cheese, and great teas. Oh how I just love the grocery store, it is like a food paradise.  Thankfully, I am eating the good stuff-fruits, vegetables, fishes, and I did have some almond gelato and a some baklava and I enjoyed it in small portions. 

As for clothes, Egyptians care very much about appearance, labels, and designers.  And they also have great cologne-their cologne smells so good! Both men and womens! I have been impressed with the mens jeans, shoes, shirts, and the cologne. The women do not seem to be dressed as well as the men. Most wear jeans or stretch pants with their black traditional top and veil covering their head and sometimes face.  Unlike India, the clothing is not loose fitting for women.  Actually, my host family says they intentionally are wearing it tight rather than loose.  Older women still seem to be wearing tighter fitting, spandex pants, but their covering their upper legs and buttox. 

Times are really changing with tradition being replaced with a more liberal approach to dress.  People dress for fashion rather than tradition.  It is interesting to me when I see a mother dressed so traditionally and her children are dressed like Americans.  Today, I saw two mothers veiled and face covered with their kids dressed freely and eating KFC.  From my experience and conversation, veiled is common while covering the face is less common in our changing times. I hope people can hold onto tight to their religious beliefs because they are important and should be respected and cherished. 
Again, following American foot steps is not beneficial when it comes to food and clothing. Keep your own identity Egypt and just Do YOU!

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