Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Don't Drink the Water-blood in the water

Dave Matthews, “Don’t Drink the water, there is blood in the water, Don’t drink the water.”
This song applies to Nepal 120 percent. Since I have entered Nepal, I constantly have an upset stomach from the water. Even drinking bottled (only the major companies) my stomach is still upset.  It is a constant battle worrying about drinking tea or brushing my teeth. I am very skeptical drinking the tea due to the water not being fully boiled.  Sometimes it just slips my mind brushing my teeth with the water and even this I should not be doing. 

My buddy Ramjee said he went trekking with his friend from Norway to Annapurna. They did not bring enough water so his friend just decided to drink the natural spring water. This landed him in the hospital for eleven days with hepatitis.  It is very possible to catch hepatitis in the water in Kathmandu, which Wikitravel calls, “lethal.”
Sitting at my friend’s nice, expensive hotel having tea I had just black tea and felt nauseous after drinking it and this is filtered water that is boiled.  This water is seriously toxic for the human body!

Early in Nepal, I also made the discovery that Dal bhat cooked with water needs to be boiled to a certain temperature or even that makes me sick. Being lazy, I have water purification tablets, but have not used them-nice job Priscilla. Having to be this cautious about water is not fun at all and I just want to make it out of here healthy. I will be self-monitoring every little thing I consume for the next five days!

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