Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So Where are You From?

This question, "Where are you from?" will never go away when traveling, but it is completely overused in Nepal.  People never ask how are you, what is your name, what do you like to do-it is always the question "Where are you from?" When I was trekking and I was lost asking for directions, people would first ask, "Where are you from?" You could be injured and bleeding and instead of attending to your wound the would first have to know where you are from.  It is so annoying that I sometimes would just say places like "China" and "Israel" because many visitors come from these places and it would just get them to engage in a different topic of question- a strategy that worked.
It is sad that this is the only question in many locals vocabulary.  Please be original Nepal and realize that where a person is from does not define who they are. 

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