Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Seven Guesthouses and 1 City

In the Kathmandu Thamel Chowk area, I managed to stay in seven different guesthouses in one week-basically one night at each guesthouse.  I just kept going from one to the next being unsatisfied. First one, I stayed with my friend Ananda and a few nights I stayed at the guesthouses of local friends.

Luckily, I was well connected with friends where my rooms were comped for six of the nights. The only place worth the money was the Sacred Valley Inn-so quiet, peaceful, with a great book selection.  It was the only guesthouse up to par with my standards. It is identical to a home setting and is kept immaculate.  The owner is from France and he likes it to be extra clean-this was very much appreciated.

In general with the exception of Kathmandu guest house and the more upscale guesthouses, the rooms are quite a disappointment.  They are shabby, unclean, not properly painted, and the bathrooms are old fashion style with cold water only. 
One guesthouse I stayed in was called, "Mountain Peace," but it should have been called "Mountain Fear." The room was decent and clean, but the common area and the bathroom were like a dungeon.  The night I stayed there I went out until 12:00 midnight to avoid going back to the room. That night I walked the streets lost not being able to find my way.  I believe my unconscious made me lost because it did not want to go back there ha! I remember a young boy who helped me find my way asked me, "Aren't you Afraid?" Trying to appear tough, I said, "No, I am not Afraid." This is partially true half of me was afraid and the other half is strong and tough.
The streets of Thamel at night are definitely not safe for women, but I made friends with the night people.  When they constantly say, "Riksha, riksha"-I like to push their bike cart from the behind just joking with them.  I imitiate them and make them laugh-of course you can not joke with everyone, but a select few. 

Facing your fear is one of the most important things in life.  Our lives are ruled by fear and love-from the Conversations with God.....

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