Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Priscilla Set Up With A Nepali

Coming to Kathmandu, I have built many connections previous to my arrival.  I met friends in Pokhara from Kathmandu and also met friends in Chitwan. Many people who live in cities Nepal have some connection to Kathmandu whether family, business, or friends. 
Arriving in Kathmandu, I made friends with some tour agency guys who became like my two fathers who genuinely care about my well being.  One is married and lives in Pokhara and the other is single.  The single one, Arjun, does not even look Nepali rather I tell him he looks Turkish.  He dresses very stylish, clean cut, and is addicted to his iphone.  He jokes that he wants me to find him a nice, American girl and he says that he has a nice, Nepali boy for me.

Arjun: “Prissy I have nice boy for you, really very nice.”

Priscilla: “Um no definitely not interested.”

Arjun: “Come on just go out with him one time. “He is successful and smart business man just like you like.”

Priscila:”No I am not interested in Nepali boys.”

Arjun: “Okay fine fine.”

My friend Arjun and I discuss that day going to see a movie the following day.While writing up a storm, I receive a call that he wants me to come by the office as we are going to see the 6:30 movie. 

Arriving at the office excited to spend time with my favorite little friend, he is packing up his bag and says he is off to a big meeting with Buddha airlines. 

Well then, “Who is taking me to the movie?”

I turn around and there is the Nepali guy he wanted to set me up with! The guy is sitting and asking me random questions and I am just ignoring him.  Being a brat, I tell my friend,

“No, I want to go to the movie with only you.” “I do not want to hang out with this strange guy. “What if I get kidnapped?”

Everyone is laughing and Arjun looks me in the eyes and tells me, “Do not worry I promise I am leaving you with a nice, safe person.”

I turn around with my a confused look on my face and say, “Fine.” Arjun wins dinner and a movie with the Nepali guy.

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