Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cairo to Hurghada

Between Cairo and Hurghada, there is pretty much nothing but one road, the desert, and the Red Sea. After four teas, one hibiscus, one green, and two black- I was just sitting and staring at the road, alternating my eyes between the road and the desert, the road and the desert, and seeing no signs of civilization  anywhere.    I started to think of what would happen if I just could not hold it, where would I go? The bathroom was off limits because it was beyond disgusting.  Could I pee into a water bottle? We had already passed a rest stop and another one did not seem to be appearing anytime soon.  The desert really is a mirage where things just start appearing once you are driving through it long enough.  I envisioned seeing rest stops ahead, but it was just images that were created in my imagination.  Waiting, waiting, and waiting and I just repeating in my head, “Please stop, please stop.”
After about a half an hour of staring out the window, tapping my leg, and concentrating on holding it-we came to a stop! I jumped off the bus and walked quickly to the bathroom trying to disguise how much I really had to go.  What a relief! This was the worst time I have ever had traveling.  Word to the wise: Do not drink four teas and a liter of water before entering a bus ride for 5-6 hours.  This is just plan common sense, which I tend to lack from time to time. 

At the rest stop, I sat down to enjoy a free salad, tagine, and bread.  Ahmed, the waiter, knew I was a tourist and told me I did not have to pay.  I was not going to decline his offer after the tough times I had been having in Egypt so I politefully accepted.  He told me he lives near Hurghada and to call him if I ever need anything.  I will say Egypt is nice with the people who give their number and are not formally asking me out, but they just say, “If you need any help, just call and I will be there.” This is quite comforting when you are a solo traveler by yourself in EGYPT. 

Back on the bus and almost in Hurghada, I was enjoying my time on the bus since I was able to relieve myself and I had just finished  my book.  I was quite annoyed by a guy that just kept staring at me and he was intentionally doing it to bother me. I had myself veiled, but I decided to hide myself even more by placing the curtain over my head.  I am not sure if I will ever “just deal” with the staring.  It annoys me and I do not want to be stared at-I am not a painting, there is nothing great to look at, just stop staring please. 

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