Sunday, May 27, 2012

Face Your Fears Head Instead of Run

Again, I can not emphasize the importance of FACING YOUR FEARS.  Many of our great spiritual leaders speak on the presence of fear in our lives and how destructive it can be.  If we have a life ruled by our fears, we will not be able to grow and actualize on our full potential as human beings.  Whether it is heights, snakes, rats, planes, or the dark- FACE YOUR FEARS and once you do you will feel inspired to keep facing your fears until they are almost all on extinction-a rather large goal, but always possible. 

Again, I realize with my scubadiving experience that anything is possible and this become more and more true when you let yourself experience your "fear," which is really just a conscious belief and choice that has possibility to be eliminated. 

The fears that I have faced are mainly these two things: rats and scuba diving.  Rats I had to face everyday in the filthy city streets and subway tunnels of New York.  Once I kept seeing them(aversive therapy) I became used to how they appear and I became less scared each time I saw one.  When you push yourself(i.e. making myself stare at the rat), I became aware of their positive attributes-not that scary after all.  This does not mean I love them and I never will.  But I can tolerate them and this is a key component to reduction of fears-tolerance until you become conditioned to respond in a new way..

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