Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day Trip to the North Coast

The North Coast of Alexandria is where all the hip, cool, wealthy people go for the summer. It is most crowded in June and July and the best parts are 70 to 100 kilometers north in the Marina(according to my friend in Alexandria with many friends owning beach compounds up the coast.
Due to my friends time constraints, we only visited the beginning of the North Coast 40 kilometers out of Alexandria, but this was still very nice.  Spending the night at my friend's posh villa in a little Arab neighborhood where we chilled and watched episode after episode of "How I met your mother." Around this neighborhood, there are Arabic restaurant camps and little shisha cafes.  The people look at me with widened eyes like a complete and total outsider. It is it's own Arab community with locals making bread and butchers chopping up meat with the dead carcuses hanging up on the street(yuck). 

We took a short, but nice visit to the  North coast beach where we got into his friend's super nice beach compound with everything you can imagine inside.  These beach compounds are full of everything you need and cafes and restaurants like a nice, Costa coffee that sits right on the beach.  Costa Coffee is big in Egypt-surprising to me. 

The white sand beaches are kept super clean and the water is glistening.  The huge beach houses are quite grand giving me a feel of the Hamptons or a beach description from a storybook or novel. My feet sink into the sand and I watch my foot steps wash away in the sand with the crashing waves.  I felt so present with my higher power and nature just sitting on the beach and watching the sunset.  At first I was sitting up in the light tower, but I came down to get closer to the sun and run through the waves like a free spirited child. On this beach, there are many jellyfish so I happy that this free spirited girl did not get stung by one ha! 

Quite a nice day exploring the North Coast......... 

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