Monday, May 7, 2012

Nagarkot Sunset to Sunrise

Nagarkot Getaway
Being in Thamel in Kathmandu, which is basically like a Bangkok with dance clubs, bars, overpriced restaurants/stores, and many tourists- I knew it was good for me to get some peace outside in a hill station.  One night of some live music and dinner was enough for me in Thamel. 
Nagarkot is a famous fort top area where officials would come for a getaway and to relax. It really is  the perfect getaway spot specializing in sunrise and sunset. 
My buddy Suri drove me up by motor bike. A long and very Windy road to the top and just at sunset leaving me in the dark yet again.
Off I went to look for a guesthouse where I stumbled upon a man playing the guitar and the happiest, little Nepalese munchkin.  I sat with him, his wife, and the munchkin just letting myself completely relax and enjoy the music. 
Right near this little shop, I found my perfect hotel sitting right on the edge of the hilltop with a nice view of the sunrise. Many people just come up for sunrise and sunset leaving Nagarkot to be peaceful and full of local people. My room was nestled in between the hills with an outdoor patio for the sunrise and my writing.  This hotel had a rustic beauty that I just loved-it reminded me of staying in a log cabin except it was not quite a cabin.  There is not much to report on in Nagarkot except relaxation, reading, writing, dinner by candlelight, walks up to the view point tower, sunrise(cloudy and off season so not that nice), sunset, great masala tea, and a peaceful environment. 
Information Board of Nagarkot:
At an altitude of 2165 meters, Nagarkot is a village perched on a ridge for its panoramic view of the Himalayas and Kathmandu Valley. The name literally means “Fort of the City” and its strategic location is an ancient trade route between Tibet and Kathmandu that controlled movement into the valley.  The Nepalese Army later set up a post there. The Rana Maharajas built their summer home on this hill to keep cool in summers.

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