Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Craving Chicken

Since coming to Egypt and seeing the amazing chicken dishes, I have been craving chicken. I have been a Pescatarian(fish, eggs, and vegetables only) for 5 months. And it recently happened that I cheated and I ate Egyptian Sausage.  It was actually really good and eating it did not bother me. 

Why I am I giving up meat to begin with? I love every single vegetable and love them in excess, I also love beans, fish(will not live without), and enjoy boiled eggs so why eat meat when I can focus on the foods I really enjoy?  It has worked out for me as I have a tendency to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.  My skin looks better and I feel better too. 

This eating Egyptian Sausage has not ruined me. I am going to stick with Pescatarian, but I have a feeling I might slip up and eat some chicken soon. I enjoy different types of chicken, especially rotisserie chicken and marinated with vegetables.

But for the time being, I am still a Pescatarian and proud of myself for staying to NO MEAT AT ALL for five months straight=)

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