Thursday, May 3, 2012

Osho Tapoban

"Tapoban" in Sanskrit means a forested place for sadhana(meditation).  Osho Tapoban is a forest retreat-an international commune that came into existence through the joint efforts of Swami Anand Arun, an intimate disciple of Osho and Oscho disciples(sanyasis) they are called.  Osho desires to live his last days in the Himalayas, but that wish remained unfulfilled.  However, the Osho Samadhi at the Tapoban contains the sacred mortal remains of the Guru.
Osho Tapoban is a place for those who seek the path of inner exploration.  Osho's way of life is a departure from Sanatan Dharma and does not demand renunciation of family and abandonment of worldly possessions on the part of the saadhak(disciples).  This freedom or flexibility to puruse their normal regular lives in conjunction with their spiritual endeavor and an innovative, practical and honest interpretation of love and sex is what appeals to people from all walks of life to Osho's teachings. 

Osho teaches that "spirituality contains everything about life.  Love and sex are vital elements of life.  Unless they are first settled, nobody can follow a spiritual path.  Love is not enough, awareness is needed.  If love is there without awareness it becomes imprisonment and if love is there with awareness it becomes a freedom(I love this). 

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