Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Date with a Nepali

This guy is actually an educated Nepali that seems to have his life together-pretty good looking for Nepali standards.  He owns three Japanese restaurants: one in Japan, Pokhara, and Kathmandu.  He speaks many different languages and I find out he often dates European girls and never Indian or Nepali.
On the way there, he is trying to engage with me asking me questions about my life. He is being very nice so I decide to not be such a “b****” and respond to his questions.  Off we go to see a great Hindi movie. During the movie, he tries to hold my hand and I push it away haha. He is nice translating the various scenes so I understand, but I always seem to follow along with the Hindi movies.  People are always amazed at how much I can figure out and comprehend (the beauty of being smart haha).

During the movie, I keep staring and admiring the lead guy (Akshay Kumar).  He looks similar to my Turkish boy (his hair, his teeth, smile, facial expressions, body stance).  I just stare and I reach my hand out to the movie screen-if only it could really be him.  My “date” asks me what I am doing and I just tell him, “Stretching.”

It is rare to see guys who like him so I am not creating this in my head.  It is just another sign the universe sends me to be closer to him. Instead of being there, I am sitting in a movie with this guy-makes no sense. 

After we pick up some wine-the best French Cote De Rhone I could find in Nepal.  We share dinner at the Funky Buddha, which is a great atmosphere with great food.  I guess one could call it the Tao of Kathmandu (Tao asian fusion shiek restaurant of NYC).

I order some Thai fish green curry-a rare instance where Nepal delivers with good food-Oh I love Thai food. When we finally discuss our age, he is 41 and when I ask him my age he says, “You look 35 or 36.”

Another typical, clueless Nepali/Indian guy-you do not tell a girl she looks ten years older than her actual age! I tell him that he had a couple points, but now he just entered the negative zone.

When I go to talk, he just cuts me off. He has very poor listening skills (like most Nepalis) who have difficulty with receptive listening. During our dinner, he also tells me I look too tired and my arms are fat.  At least the American guys have common sense on what to say and what not to say-my goodness!

While he is talking and talking and talking and I am eating and eating. He used to be a chef so I am tuned in when he talks about cooking Spanish food, Japanese, Indian, and especially when he describes how he cooks fresh fish. Also, as a student in school he met Jimmy Carter and was inspired to work hard and become successful-this was nice to hear.    

Besides that I am just dazed off enjoying the wine very slowly.  He says he has a Japanese girlfriend, but he would like to break up with her for me.  I tell him this is really not a good idea and express my desire to live abroad,never live in Nepal, and just be alone.     

Priscilla: “I think you are very nice, but I have no interest in a romantic way.”

Date: “I think there is chance, yes there is chance.”

Priscilla: “Sigghhh.”

After 2 small glasses of wine, it is time for me to get my sleep 11:00pm-my bedtime.  I tell him I need my beauty rest and he walks me to my guesthouse.  He begs for just one kiss and I decline, thank him for the evening, and shut the door-just in that order. I had a very nice time, but that was the extent of it.
Nepalese boys for Pris= No Thank you.

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