Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Indian Man Hassled and American Upgraded

Waiting in line for my Gulf Air flight, I made conversation with the guy in front of me who happened to be from Delhi. We both went up to the counter at the same time and both went through security together.  When we approached immigration, he had a problem with his passport-Nepal never stamped him in so they were threatening to have him stay in the country-go figure Nepal.  While he had to sit in immigration, I made it through in under a minute. 

We met again at the gate and while my seat was upgraded to business class, he was given my seat.  My seat I chose was 22F and this seat was assigned to him and I was upgraded to the VIP section.  Both going up to the counter at the same time, I can not help but think that my passport played a role in the upgrade.  My poor friend gets hassled and assigned to my seat in the back and I am sitting up in front treated like a princess. Two Indians, but two different passports..

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