Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dougie Houser's Of Egypt

Meeting my new couch surfng friend, Moustafa,  we discuss on his career in medicine.  I call him the "Dougie Houser" of Egypt, which for people who do not know who Dougie Houser is...It was an American sitcom from the 90s with Neil Patrick Harris(aka Barney from How I met your Mother) playing the role of a young genius who is working in a hospital as a doctor at age 14 or 15. 

My buddy Moustafa is like a Dougie Houser of Egypt because he has been in the surgery rooms practicing from a very young age.  Yes, he was practicing an overlooking surgeries at age 14.  In Egypt, there are no rules on who can enter the surgery room so you can pretty much start learning at any age.  This is quite different than the many rules and restrictions in the US.  At the shy age of 21 and 22, Moustafa and his friend will be doctors within the next year.  They both report learning a tremendous amount from working in the surgery rooms with their relatives or fathers.  

At just 21, it is so refreshing to meet someone like Moustafa with such intelligence, drive, and world knowledge.  Like myself, he does not want to just be "anybody," but he wants to be "somebody." Somebody who is remembered for their successful accomplishments,  an Egyptian doctor with his own practice while traveling the world and continuing to explore.

You go Dougie Houser! Proud of these young Egyptian doctors with a bright future ahead of them! 

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