Thursday, May 3, 2012

Did you say Godwari?

Arriving in Kathmandu from Pokhara after an all day bus ride, I was not ready for the chaos of arriving at the bus stand.  First of all, I left my Northface jacket on the bus because as usual the bus drivers basically shoved me off the bus as they are pushy and in a hurry to finish their route. 
Secondly, there are about five different areas in Kathmandu for bus departures, which I had a mission of trying to find the bus for KODARI.  Arriving I asked the main bus enquiry, took a mini bus to the old bus park to find the bus does not leave from there. Back in the mini bus I got to Logan’s Kill where a bus to Kodari goes. Keep in mind I am saying Kodari very clearly-KODARI. 

Sitting in the mini-bus, I am concerned about the last bus, which is leaving most likely at 6pm.  I stop looking at my watch and just let go of the time.  Arriving there in more madness with conductors all shouting and one man points to the Kodari bus.  It happens to be just leaving and I literally jump right in front of it and jump on.  There I am in the aisle sitting on top of my bag crouched down with elbows in my face and my water bottle constantly falling on the ground.  Looking at the bus, there are many females wearing red saris and all dressed up-most likely coming from a wedding.  I am taking some photos of the sunset-not thinking about taking out my camera and who is looking at it…

I already asked the driver in the beginning if the bus is going to Kodari and he said Yes it is going there.  I did not bother asking anyone on the bus because I would just get wrong information again. We come to the “last stop” in a nice village area. Immediately I know that I was misguided yet again. I start to cry and realize that

I ask the bus driver what happened and he just shrugs his shoulder. To be continued…..

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