Monday, May 7, 2012

Godwari to Bharabise

My lovely, lovely friend Alena took me to the Kodashor bus station to make sure I got on the right bus. Speaking with her cousin, he said there was a bus leaving at 4pm to Tatophani. When we arrived, we found out there was a petrol shortage (common in Nepal) and the 4pm bus to Tatophani (Kodari) was not coming! This was really ridiculous at this point-I have been trying to go to Kodari for two days now.  A local bus conductor(at first laughs at me), but then with Alena’s help he guides me to Bharbase to stay there a night and head to bungee(only 8km away) in the morning. 
Arriving in Bharabise in the darkness(no electricity-what else is new)where I stayed in a guesthouse on the river. Lex, the owner of the guesthouse, was very friendly and insisted I have dinner with him.

“I want you to try the local dish here, “Traditional Nepalese Dal bhatt.”

He was being kind and spoke in such a proud manner about his local food saying, “it is the best Dal bhatt of Nepal.”

It actually was pretty darn good and he kept on feeding me more even when I said I was full. So much rice, potatoes, and a full plate of vegetables-I felt like I was going to burst.

It was difficult yet entertaining speaking with him about his life in Nepal. To clarify, he kept on saying, “Umm, umm I sorry my English not good.” He was just so precious.  He had me talk on the phone with his girlfriend who lives in Kathmandu, which he had met on facebook. Lex tells me to not worry about anything, he will drop me off at the bungee in the morning.

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