Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Proud to Work at McDonalds

I recently met an Egyptian who is now an Engineer who spoke of his proud moments working at McDonalds.  For confidentiality purposes, I will just call him "B." B now works as an engineer, which he says he enjoys, but his boss is quite demanding and never lets him take vacation(welcome to the corporate world).  When speaking of McDonalds, his whole face lit up with joy.  He said that he worked there for seven years and his best work was being the cashier. He said, " I was very fast and I the boss happy with me for taking the money quickly." This was so adorable to see how proud he was and it was a moment of realization and appreciation.
A kind man working in the fast food industry appreciative of his job.  While traveling and seeing the fast food industry, I see that these people take pride in their work.  The KFCs, McDonalds, and Pizza huts are like palaces with flat screen tvs, so clean you could eat off the floor, and the staff are dressed like they are going to a corporate business job.  Their uniform is clean, ironed, they have good hygiene, and hair is clean cut.  It is like stepping into another dimension compared to walking into a fast food place in America. 

In America, you will find staff who might smell, have dirty hair, wrinkled uniform, etc.  People do not take pride in their work, which negatively impacts their attitude, which impacts their behavior with their customer interaction.  These jobs are for immigrants and those from underpriviledged areas. It is sad to see these people working and looking miserable.  While those working in European countries and Asia look fresh, happy, and ALIVE. 

No matter what you do whether it is sweeping floors, being a security guard, an assistant, or a sales clerk- take pride in your work. It makes a significant impact on the workplace-your fellow staff and customers, especially when it comes to social psychology and the workplace.   At the end of the day,all the pieces come together like a puzzle.   

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