Thursday, May 17, 2012

Laughter is the best Medicine

In Egypt, I just love the local people because they are so nice(the majority rather than the minority).  Whenever I ask a question, make an attempt to speak in Arabic, difficulty with understanding, or just confused-they smile and I smile and we both just start laughing.  For instance, the man on the bus kept telling me the stop to get off, but I was trying to tell him I needed the stop before.  Back and forth, back and forth,
Man: "Hallaba." 
Priscilla, "No Hallaba-Gorhiba."
Man "Hallaba"
Priscilla "No hallaba"

With his yellow and black teeth, he just keeps smiling away and hands me a mint.  Oh these Egyptians are like Indians.  They will annoy you and then they will melt your heart with their kindness. My friend who is able to travel outside Egypt and pretty much all over, said, "I could live in many places, but I would always come back to Egypt because the people." The people really are something good. They have heart, soul, and a giving spirit. 

Laughter is the best medicine for two cultures coinciding-and for a girl with poor arabic, but looks Egyptian.  It is just nice to laugh over a situation rather than become angry.  Dalai Lama "Anger is weakness."  But he also says that he handles many situations with a dose of laughter. As a child, he was also pulling small pranks at school and came from a family that used humor to feel good and lighten up their heavy lives. 

"If we only knew the power of laughter, we would all just let our minds distract with laughter and our hearts be content." PRISCILLA

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