Sunday, May 20, 2012

Alexandria Highlights

In Alexandria, I had a great host who was a girl-yes finally a female host! She was absolutely lovely and I loved our girly time spent together.  She is very in touch with Islam religion yet a bit on the liberal side with some things and she has an adorable Mom and Dad who she refers to as "the love birds." We shared Egyptian tea and watched the sunset on the Stanley bridge she took me to the oldest Mosque in Alexandria, went to the Citadel, shared some Alexandria famous ice cream, and just talked about life and boys. 
Alexandria Highlights:

El Mursi Abul Abbas and the three mosques
Fresh juices-Orange, melon, peach, and cane sugar
The fresh sesame crackers at the local market every day
The Stanley Bridge where they sell tea and Egyptian local delights
Runs along the Mediterannean sea
Montaza palace
The architecture and streets of Alexandria feeling like Athens Greece
The busy streets and local vendors, shops, the bright blue sea just gleaming with the rays of sun
The old tram from the 1860s that costs 10 cents
Streets being clearly labeled
The Library
The artistic designs that are found in random streets
The outdoor cafes lined up on the water
Fish market restaurant-most amazing fish ever!
The famous Mohammed Ahmed falafel
bazaars and book stores

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