Sunday, May 27, 2012

Snorkeling with Russians

The beaches in Hurghada are all connected to the hotels and resorts, which means you have to pay a fee of 50 pounds or less to go the beach, which is a bit unnecessary. They leave you trapped going to the tourist beaches because the public beaches are not as nice and they also have the weirdo pervert Egyptians scoping out for girls. But I must say the tourist beaches are quite enjoyable and peaceful especially being away from the Egyptian boys. Egyptians are definitely still there,but they are the type with class who are not staring and commenting like weirdos.

The beaches I enjoyed were Moon Light Beach, Old Vic Beach, and my private beach away from everyone.

In my private beach, which was at the botttom of a construction zone where they are building a new hotel. Leave it to me to find this great spot for snorkeling where most people would never think of going.

There are just ten beach hut umbrellas and a few chairs, which means only a few people. And the few people of course were Russians-these older Russian ladies in bikinis with big tummies, kept lighting up and smoking, and who spoke no English, but the one lady was helpful with her broken English. While the beach front is not the best place for snorkeling, one can still see a lot just standing or swimming up to 5 feet. It is great what you can see just sitting in the water, blue, orange, and multi-colored fish around your feet, the water is a very light shade of turquoise making everything so visible from close range.

I kept seeing these purple squids that I thought were jelly fish, but the Russian lady said,"No hurt, it okay, okay." I did not really trust her so I tried to keep my eye out and snorkel my way around them. The Russians were better at snorkeling than I was and I was surprised how long the lady could stay under water. My snorkeling consists of coming up every two minutes because I at some point manage to choke on the salt water or swallow it ha!

Nice intro snorkeling for Pris and the Russians.

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