Thursday, May 17, 2012

Real Housewives of the Country Club

There is a place away from home where tanned boys and girls sit on the sides of the pools with ray bans and ripped muscles, women unveil their hair and put on bikinis.  It has three gyms, tennis, horses, soccer, McDonalds(so against this being inside the club), barbecue, Fresh juices, saunas, internet cafes, and a library. It is a home away from home. It is a place where people go to relax after work, on the weekend, or create a fashion show of their bodies. 
Both my friend's are members and my one friend practically lives there.  It really does remind me of a hotel with all the ammenities and the relaxing vibe.  It reminds me a bit of a vegas pool party except there is no dj and no cocktails. My friend is waiting around for the day there is a house dj. While sitting at the pool and sipping on a fresh lime juice, I asked my friend so "Where do I sign up?"
It turns out a lifetime membership at the club is only thirty thousand dollars- a club like this in America would cost way more than Egyptian pounds so I actually think that is a pretty good deal ha!
I joke with my buddy Mohammed that he will be there at sixty tanning by the pool with wrinkles from all the sun exposure. He just sits and soaks up the sun with no sunglasses or hat. 

The Muslim women really are the ones who have it right covering their face from the sun.  It is no wonder their skin is absolutely FLAWLESS.  Smart, smart women covering their face that is what I do now and I even started to cover my face  with my new veil for the face-I love it.  People think I am Muslim anyways so when in Rome do like the Romans, when in Egypt do like the Egyptians or I guess this applies any countries with Islams.

The Gezira Club is happening so come on over, work out, swim and have some fun in the Egyptian Sun!

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