Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Priscilla's 6 month Anniversary.

Many reach their anniversaries with their significant other, but I have reached my six month anniversary of traveling solo.  A six month anniversary of a relationship with myself and the road. The time has went by quickly as time usually has a tendency to do this.  I am now reflecting on what is has been like over the past six months.

Here it goes…
Exciting, thrilling, fun, thought provoking, frustrating, annoying, therapeutic, self-reflective, interesting, educational,ironic,holy, lively, risk taking, time consuming, mind stimulating, culturally intriguing, eye-opening, exhausting, fearful, free,contradicting, relaxing,divine,inefficient,sad/disappointing, humorous, highly spiritual, lovely, magnificent, enlightening, and the experience of a lifetime…

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