Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nepali Highlights

Hike to Sarangot
The village is located on a mountainside ridge at an altitude of 1600m with panoramic Himalayan views. From Sarangkot, on the northern direction we can see Dhawalagiri in the far west . Annapurna range is visible when the weather is clear on the same side. On the southern direction the village overlooks the city of Pokhara and its lake on the north-western outskirts of the city(Wikipedia)
I enjoyed sitting at the Lakeside restaurant and watching everyone paragliding off the cliff into the clear blue sky over the Phewa Lake.  The villages consist of rocks with metal shed pieces on top and the local water pump sits outside their door step.  It is always interesting seeing the reaction of others towards me walking up the hill moving my arms like a weirdo.  This is their daily life coming up and down the hill and here comes an American girl trekking up like it is work out ha!
Hike to World Peace Pagoda
massive Buddhist stupa which was constructed by Buddhist monks from the Japanese Nipponzan Myōhōji organization(Wikipedia)
The stupas were originally created for peace towards the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Now there are over eighty peace pagodas world wide. I have also visited the Shanti peace pagoda in New Delhi. 
Hike to Dharmpos
Starting at the bottom, there are two different ways to go up-a long way and a short cut. For the work out and challenge, I wanted to take the long way, but I somehow ended up on the short cut, which was super steep with never ending stairs.  Stopping to chat with the local village boy he kept asking me why I did not have a guide or just wait for a jeep to go up.  People always just assume a tourist wants a jeep or taxi-people come to Nepal is one of the top places for jeep rides or trekking? Trekking!
Devi Falls and Mahendra Caves
Not very impressed with these two tourist attractions, but a “must see” of Pokhara 
The Nepali Movie
Watching the Nepali movie with Ramjee, he sat and translated parts of the movie.  While we were watching, the rain from outside was dripping on our heads from the roof- Ohhh classic Nepal!
Motor Biking with Mokesh
My dear Indian friend Mokesh, I met at the local fruit stand. He is absolutely adorable-the innocent Indian I miss.  After our nice discussion, I hopped on his motor bike and we went biking around the lake through the villages, saw a marriage, biked to Sarangon to see the sunset.  Just as the sun was setting, we were biking down the hill.  He has a very nice bike, which being a bike snob it always enhances the experience. 
I tell Mokesh that things have been hard in Nepal and he gives me a big bear hug. Sometimes all we need is a hug PRIS.  It feels so comforting and it gets me thinking about hugs and human affection(another post).  He tells me that he wants to take me to his favorite pizza place and I accept. Two Indians go to Mamma Mia to share a veg pizza. Mokesh is so happy when eating just like a happy puppy wagging his tail. Sorry I always forget to describe.  Mokesh wears a blue and white polo shirt with jeans that are a bit flooded hovering over his gym shoes.  His stomach is jolly, his face chubby yet cute, and he has the nice long, flowing Indian hair that I love.  It is beautiful when God brings me such wonderful human beings that are confirmations, breaths of fresh air,
 Don’t worry Priscilla-everything is going to be okay.”

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