Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mistakes are Just Tiny Pieces of Fate

My whole confusion between Kodari and Godwari can be perceived as a positive.  If it was not for this confusion, I would not have met this family whom I adore.

After we get in from all this drama, we just sit and talk about it.  Alena’s dad is sitting and smoking with his hands on his stomach letting out sighs throughout our conversation.  Alena speaks just great English that we are able to have full conversations.  Her dad is very cute with his intentful eyes trying to understand what we are saying.  Alena will stop and translate for him and then he will respond with his feedback. 

Elena’s is suppose to prepare dinner, but her mother says she can stay inside to keep me company.  We sit on her bed-sheets with pink roses and a little teddy bear sits in the corner.  She places the pillow behind my head so I sit more comfortably. 
About an hour later, the food is ready.  Alena apologizes for the food taking so long, but explains that that things take longer with fire and wood-so cute.  We all sit in the candle light having our dinner.  The mom shines the generator on my food so I can see.  She keeps refilling my plate with dal bhaat and aloo.      

During dinner, Alena asks me, “Is it true that American people say that food is tasty when they really do not think it is tasty?”

I respond, “Yes this maybe true, but this food is really, really tasty.”

After this the generator goes out and we all laughing in the dark.  To drink, her mother gives me boiling water and washes it by dumping it in  between two cups five times. The attention to detail makes me so appreciative and I can feel how much they care. 

We head to her room where I begin to jot down a few of our moments.  She holds the candle over my book for me to write and her father sits smiling bright at me.  We stay up talking about our lives. It was so refreshing to have “girl time” as I spend so much time with men (Shortage of women in Nepal and India).  She tucks me into the bed and puts a glass of water next to the bed.  “If you need anything, just wake me up.” “Don’t worry I am here for you and you are safe.” I felt safer than ever and slept like an angel because there was an angel sleeping near me…. 

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