Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Avoid water and Take a Food Cleanse

Nepal really seems to be the ideal place to get your body in shape.  You can go on long treks for 10-20 days, drink juices for cleanses, and then just skip eating food because it really is not worth eating. 
Being an absolute food snob, the food in Nepal is horrible.  Granted the food in the home has been great, the food in the village with my family was amazing with fresh chillies, mustard seeds, aloo, greens, and the best home made picks ever.  In Chitwan the Dal bhaat is yellow and when you move into central Nepal like Kathmandu-the Dal bhaat turns green because the use a different seed.

The menus in Nepal are all the same exact generic menu consisting of fried rice, vegetable chowmein, momos (Tibetan snack), vegetable curry, and Dal bhatt.  I decided to take the tourist route going to some of the touristy restaurants and even those were not up to par, especially for the price.  They pretty much rape the tourists in Nepal charging 5-6 times the amount of what a meal should actually cost.

At this point in the end of my trip, I am just eating basic food staples and focusing on keeping my body healthy in Kathmandu. I found an awesome Nepali-Euro fusion that is expensive, but the food is worth it and I do not have to worry about contaminated water-the Funky Buddha. I seriously can not wait for Egypt, which I know will be a huge step up from Nepal.   

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