Monday, January 9, 2012

Singapore Highlights

Singapore Botanical Gardens
Ginger Garden, Spice Garden, Natural healing garden, orchid exhibit, evolution garden, and the Christmas tree displays were incredible.

Reverse Bungee Jumping
So I persuaded my Indian buddy and CS host to do the reverse bungee jumping with me.  He was not interested in paying $30 SD to be shot up into the air for a few seconds, but of course I was ha!
It was totally worth it for both of us and the best part was being thrown around up in the air and my buddy yelling, "Oh eff" "Oh eff" with his Indian accent ha! We got to watch the video played back to us and he looks super chilled out before going up and then up in the air he turns into a crazy mess-so funny!

Orchard Road Christmas Lights

The Quays

One Altitude-The World's Highest Al Fresco Bar

Singapore National Museum
Fabulous museum and my favorite museum in Asia by far! This museum takes you back in time and the audio guide is so interactive you feel like you are being lead through the museum with an actual guide. The food display/videos, local customs/dress, and the historical events are awesome. They let you choose by your preference of learning about the personal stories or historical events.  It is amazing how you take a true walk through history. 
The Dreams and Reality exhibit had some of my favorite French Impressionst paintings and the real guide was wonderful and informative.

One of my favorites
 Over 140 Salon, Realists, Impressionists and Post-Impressionists paintings, photographs and drawings from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century will specially tour to Singapore this year. Titled Dreams and Reality: Masterpieces of Painting, Drawing and Photography from the Musée d’Orsay, Paris, the exhibition explores the reaction of man towards modernity at the turn of the century from 1848 to 1914. The changing social and industrial landscapes of Paris in early modernity forced artists and photographers to rethink their approach to the visual world around them. Their varied responses generated new ways of depicting reality and a proliferation of styles. National Museum Website
My favorites are Paul Cezanne, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Degas, and Monet
I truly loved, loved this exhibit!

Bukit Timah Hiking
This was not your typical hike as there really was not a view point, but it had a lot of

East Coast Park
     East Coast Park reminds me of the Santa Monica beach and fair in California.  You can rent a bike and rollar blade on the board walk, enjoy seafood, and go fishing.  I was talking with a local, Johnny, who was teaching me how to properly fish and then it started pouring. We ran to the trees for cover and were laughing as we were completely soaked and I did not get to practice what he was teaching me! He lives in the East Coast Park with a family of five.  I have no idea how someone can afford Singapore with a big family.  He said that times are tough for him and he goes to Thailand to escape from the overpriced Singapore ha!
Going on a food tour-sampling different foods is very easy to do in hawker stations.  The dishes are reasonably priced and you can share a bunch of stuff with a group.  I was by myself, but made friends with the nice couple next to me.  We ended up sharing our food and sharing our stories.  They were such a sweet, simple couple. They said they do not go out much and like to stay home and cook. The girl and I agreed to be pen pals through gmail.  Here we are together=)

My favorite foods: Rojak, Laksa,Chili crab, Ko Teow, sting ray

Sentosa Island
Sentosa is the disney world of Singapore.  It has Universal studios, family activities, beaches, sports, and hiking.  I arrived a bit late and missed the surfing competition, but was there to see the awards.  There were not any waves and I lived in Huntington Beach(surf city)so I have seen plenty of surfing.  My friend and went on a mini-hike and wanted to do the jungle obstacle course, but it was closed because the rainy weather. 

Mount Faber
My host told me that Mount Faber was a nice hike and I really wanted to make it up there before I left.  The only thing was the weather did not want me to do it. It just kept constantly pouring and pouring off and on.  With my rain poncho, I decided to be a warrior and do the hike/run in the pouring rain.  If I ran a half marathon in the rain, I could hike in the rain.  It was actually pretty fun getting absolutely soaked and seeing the clouds surface right above my head.  This is the cable car that goes to Sentosa below, but I decided to take the walk way of course=)


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