Monday, January 30, 2012

Love/Dislike Relationship with India

There are things that I absolutely love about India and things that make me annoyed, irritated, and disappointed.  Lets start off positive

Things I Love

The food and especially the sweets

The smiles of locals

The bus

Motorbiking through traffic

The natural beauty

The smell of temples inside and the pooja and rituals

Peaceful moments in the city amongst the noise

The farmers with towels on their heads and street vendors  

India's bare feet

Things I do not Like about India
The dirt, filfth, and germs
Corruption and lack of regard for underpriviledged
Everything packaged in supermarkets, convenience stores tastes stale/old due to old expiration dates
Traffic excess
Street dogs
Near impossible to find free wifi
Horrible Customer Service bars/restaurants/country clubs
Have to watch everything you consume to avoid sickness

Efficiency and proactive-not in vocabulary


1 comment:

  1. Love/Dislike....noted...Not love/hate ;)

    Yes proactive is not in our vocab only reactive or inactive :)