Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where are you going Madaam?

Let me start off by reminding everyone- I do not like taxis, riksha's, tuk tuks at all. I have bad experiences with them and I do not like giving them my money for lies and frustration. I would much rather take the bus where I am content. 

People who know me know that I have a special sense of direction and most of the time I do not really know where I am going.  As mentioned in previous posts, sometimes this works in my benefit and others it gets annoying and frustrating.

So far in India, it has been annoying and frustrating when it comes to the rikshas.  They always ask, “Where are you going Madam?”, which I really do not understand why they ask this when they do not know where I am going ha! I seem to always be better on foot, bike, or bus, but my family recommends I take the rikshas as the bus is confusing and hard to navigate. 

About 10 percent of the riksha’s I have been on have taken me to my requested destination.  They like to take me on joy rides around town and then say, “Um, what was the address again?” I really cannot emphasize again how much I do not like rikshas, tuk tuks, and cabs! I just want a motor bike to ride around India. It is pretty dangerous, but I know that I can get used to the chaos-I just need practice.

Yesterday I stopped a local on a motorbike, Raj, and asked him to take me to my family’s house.  I could not deal with riksha’s anymore.  Of course he was able to find my family’s home and he said he can take me anywhere in Bangalore on his bike-such a nice person.  He was so polite and shook my hand and wished me a pleasant journey.  I am better off on a local’s bike than in a riksha-really.  I hope my cousin does not read this post ha!

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