Sunday, January 29, 2012

Defining Ourselves by Career

Often we get the question, “What do you do?” and usually people respond with one response. “ I am a doctor, I am a lawyer, I am a social worker.” As I get older and wiser, I realize I do not want to define myself by one title because I have multiple interests and talents and all of us do on various levels.  These talents, abilities, strengths may be similar or vary greatly. For many, there may be one common denominator and mine is people.  
I love philosophy, history, art, photography, therapy, and education.  All of these are connected between living and breathing and people.  Capturing moments, feeling al ive, and being of service to others, making connections in history, and connecting with peoples real experiences in art and photography. What is your common denominator?

Who said we have to define ourselves in one certain manner? We are human beings with various interests and we should be able to pursue them all. I recently talked with an amazing fellow Chicagoan and she was talking about Dubai and being able to explore your creativity, ideas, and goals.

In Dubai, you can have your ideas come to real life with financing and property given.  In America, many have creative ideas that are stuck in a bubble because “they do not have the money” or they are afraid to break free from the socially constructed 9-5.  It is a shame because people of all races, economic statuses, and cultures have great ideas, but they are not supported by America.  Not just in America, but cultures all over prevent human beings from growth and are not empowering them to grow.  America lets you think outside of the box and explore your dreams, but it does not give you money to do it.  Dubai supports their people,which creates a wonderland of creations.  An underwater hotel, the tallest skyscraper, snow in the dessert? It is letting people take creativity to the highest level. 
Do not let your career consume your being.  You might be blessed to be working a job that is  your passion or it may just be a paycheck. Explore your real interests, passions, strengths, and skills.  Maybe you love hiking/trekking and you think a lot about being a tour guide-then go try it out for a few months.  Your job will not let you take the time off? Then quit or keep the job and work on your passion part time, but your passion deserves your full time attention.  Crunching numbers, financial analysis, IT, and marketing is not going there. It will always be there for you, especially if you have the education and experiences to back it up. 
We have to come up with new,fresh ways to respond to our being.  Any ideas, thoughts? Do you get tired of answering the same question, "What do you do?".  Most people do not ask you after that question, "Are you happy?" "Do you enjoy it?" My belief is that your job response is frequently associated with your identity-who are you are as a person.  This does not have to be the case.  Explore your interests, talents, abilities, and redefine yourself.  Next time you are asked this question-share what you really love and what you are truly passionate about, but if you are living in your passion-awesome- keep living in your purpose!=)

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