Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Coffee Cup

Sitting at Café Coffee Day, which is pretty much the Starbucks of India, I am writing and enjoying the beautiful day in Bangalore. I decide to get an iced coffee, which ordering is always a hassle. I want black coffee with ice and milk-no sugar. This is very difficult to communicate without speaking Kannada.  She points at an ice cream shake with whip cream-the complete opposite of what I want. I have been more relaxed just taking in sugar in Malaysia and India, but it has cost me.  Literally, I have gained weight on the scale from all this sugar intake. 
After a few minutes with visuals and some Kannada, I think that she has it right-iced coffee with milk.  As I am sitting nearby, I see her playing with a cup putting her hands all inside the cup and all over the outside rim.  Like a hawk, I sit by and watch her continuously put her hands ALL over the cup. I think to myself, she must just be playing with an empty cup. 

Next thing I know, the other girl finishes blending my coffee and goes to pour it inside the cup.  Right before this happens, I shout “No, no, no.” Of course, they look at me and start laughing. 

I say in English and use visual tactics to show them that you can not molest a customer’s cup with your hands.  This was my American moment realizing that I am not in America and they do not care about germs or getting in trouble for doing it.  This is India!

I honestly feel that God really tests me, especially when it comes to germs.  I really failed this test as I shouted rudely, but I had to stop her from putting my coffee inside the molested cup.

Oh india!!!

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  1. Yeah.. this is something you need to get used to in India.. esp in South Indian eat-outs and the Indian chat masala eat-outs where hand is the norm. Not to worry, your system will build a resistance to the germs...

    I once asked a Pan Shop owner as to why he makes a pan without using a plastic glove which is more hygienic.. (also the pan leaves a red color on the guys hands for days).. He answered that he once tried that and the customers were really unhappy as those plastic gloves gives them a dirty feeling as it reminds them of hospitals...

    So what can be done in this case???